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This web site is no
longer active. I am
currently hosting it
myself as a sample
of my work.



to all our family and
friends who attended
and/or volunteered
at the Spaghetti
Dinner on Sunday,
March 22, 2009
and made this
fundraiser such a


Thank you for
your support of the
Christine Kirsch
Cancer Fund!



Purple Ribbon for Leiomyosarcoma

Christine Kirsch Cancer Fund

A Pittsburgh woman is fighting a rare form of cancer.
Christine is a loving wife and mother of three young children.

About Christine:
 Christine Giuntini Kirsch, mother of three young children, is battling a rare form of cancer called Leiomyosarcoma (“LMS”). LMS is chemotherapy and radiation resistant. Recently, Chris’ cancer has rapidly metastasized to her lungs in the form of 35 tumors.

Chris has only been able to find one doctor at UPMC who is willing to try surgery. However, even this surgeon said there is very little hope that he will be effective in removing the tumors. LMS has invisible tentacles (cells), which means the surgeon must not only remove the tumors, but a large margin around each tumor. This surgery would likely leave her with very little lung tissue.

Fortunately, with the help of friends on her cancer board, Chris has been given a glimmer of hope. There is no cure, but these tumors can be lasered out of the lung leaving healthy lung tissue, and hopefully adding years to her life. This surgery can only be performed in Germany, and insurance will not cover this procedure. That is why, we ask you to help give Chris a chance to survive and to allow her three wonderful children and heroic husband the gift of having their Mother/Wife with them for every possible moment.

Please mail your donation to:
The Christine Kirsch Cancer Fund
c/o The Brentwood Bank
5259 Library Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102

Your donation in any amount is greatly appreciated.
Photos from the Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser!
We invite you to visit our brand new Shutterfly Photo Gallery to view
photos from the Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser held on Sunday,
March 22, 2009. Many thanks to all our family and friends who made
this event a huge success. We greatly appreciate your support.

Please Sign the Guestbook!

We invite you to sign our Guestbook to leave your good wishes for Christine Kirsch and her family. It is our hope that your greetings will help to brighton Christine's days ahead, as she recovers from her recent surgery in Germany. Thank you.


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Christine Kirsch Cancer Fund Video

Credits:  YouTube Video created by Julie Snyder. Music:  If You Believe.
Keyboards:  Melanie Spagnolo, Bass & Guitar:  Dino Pandolfo, Composed by:  Jim Brickman.

The Kirsch Kids

Caitlin Kirsch sang
some beautiful songs
as a going-away gift
to her mom-
her mom left for surgery
in Germany. The family
has chosen to share
these beautiful songs
with you, too. Enjoy!

Let It Shine.mp3
Build A Family.mp3
Night of Silence.mp3
I Can Only Imagine.mp3
Did You Feel The
Mountains Tremble.mp3

*Please note:  depending on the speed of your Internet connection,
songs may take a few minutes to download. Please be patient. Thank you.
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